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Electronic Prescription

How Electronic Prescriptions Can Make Your Medicine Management Easier

All of us at Picton Road Pharmacy are proud to provide important healthcare services to the local Liverpool community. As a community pharmacy, we cherish the connections we make with local residents and truly strive to improve their quality of life.

We have seen the positive impact of our services on the local community through our Electronic Prescription Service. The aim of this service is to make medicine management easier for our patients. By signing up to this service, prescriptions generated by your GP can be collected at our pharmacy, which is much more convenient for many of our customers.

One such patient is a 76-year-old woman who receives weekly doses of medication from us. Our pharmacy is much closer to her home than her registered GP, so she finds it easier to visit us to collect her vital prescriptions.

At her age, regularly travelling long distances is not feasible, but it is extremely important to her health that she receives this medication on time.

Electronic prescriptions can not only be delivered directly to our pharmacy for dispensing, but this patient does not have to worry about the hassle of a paper prescription. She does not need to keep track of a physical prescription which can easily be lost – she simply shows up at our pharmacy when her repeat prescription is ready and collects her medication.

This service can make life easier for anyone, but we receive specific feedback from our older patients that EPS greatly helps them in their daily lives.

Some of our older patients are unable to regularly travel to our pharmacy location to receive their essential prescriptions. In these situations, we provide a free prescription delivery service within a two-mile radius of our store location. It is vital that everyone in our community receives the assistance they need to live a happy and healthy life; our range of services ensures we help as many people as possible.

Our team is always here to help any patients in the community, and we are delighted to hear positive feedback about how our services have benefited these familiar faces.

Interested in signing up to our Electronic Prescription Service to make medicine management easier? Click here to read more and register today.

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